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We’ve had a good start to the year with lots of developments and new services. Below is a summary of what we’ve been working on since January 2020:

  • Monthly email newsletter developed for three clients.

The second of our monthly email newsletters has been sent to all members with email addresses (97%). Issues covered include: Child Benefit Loan top ups and referral programmes.

  • Editable forms reduces the need to copy scan and store hard copies.

Most of our forms are now editable online. These can then be sent to us by email so there is no need to print and scan them. Those who want to borrow a loan just write direct on the form and send it back us.

  • Balances by telephone 24×7.

Our new telephone service enables members to hear their account balances therefore saving the need to hold on to speak to a member of staff or wait until our offices are open.

  • External/ Internal audit underway.

Instead of having a Supervisory Committee to monitor our policies and procedures, we have an external auditor to perform this function annually. This gives our client credit unions’ Boards of Directors added confidence that we are meeting industry and regulatory standards.