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After 19 years as a leading light, Jill Oswell has decided to leave Credit Union Solutions and spend more time with her dog, Teddy.

Jill played a vital part in the development of Credit Union Solutions when Jill Short, her predecessor, left due to incapacity.

Assuming the role of Director she oversaw the introduction of a number of new software iterations and took on responsibility for managing arrears; payroll and purchasing.

Graham Tomlin CEO said.

“Credit Union Solutions would never have got off the ground or survived a number of challenges without the dedication and hard work of Jill Oswell.

It is fair to say that Jill was a determined champion of CUS and we owe her a huge debt of gratitude for her years of service.

The growth of our credit union partners would never have been as significant as it is today without her dogged determination to recruit new members and chase bad debtors.”