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About CUS

The Credit Union Solutions Story.

Credit Union Solutions (CUS) is still the only Credit Union Support Agency (CUSA) in the UK whereas in the USA they have had CUSAs since 1934 which may explain why credit union growth has been so large.

CUS has had client credit unions join and leave but has evolved its structure moving to a multi-stakeholder cooperative last year. Our Board now contains three staff and representatives from each client credit union.

True to our cooperative spirit we now invite credit unions to join CUS just to get the benefits of collective bargaining with service providers. Examples of how our member credit unions have benefitted are the following secondary services:

· Reduced costs for electronic signatures

· Reduced costs for ID and AML checks

· Reduced costs for credit checks

Mature credit unions with capable staff no longer need to transfer their administration to CUS but can now join CUS just to get the benefit of reduced costs of aggregating secondary services.

For more information contact graham@cus.coop

The Directors of CUS are:

· Graham Tomlin – CEO

· Tracy – Operations Manager

· Chandra Shah – Finance Director

· Mukesh Malhotra – Chair of CUS and Thamesbank Credit Union

· David Winder – Chair of M For Money Credit Union

· Philomena Johnson – Chair of Hertsavers Credit Union

If your credit union would like to join Credit Union Solutions or if you would like to replicate what we do we can help. Email graham@cus.coop or call him on 0208 573 8010.

Sharing works and we can prove it. Small credit unions are vulnerable and fragile and our Regulator continues to demand higher standards increasing the challenges that we all face.

In our experience mergers do not work.  Transfers of engagements are an option but tend to be at the cost of one or both of the credit unions identity.

Sharing cooperatively keeps standards high; improves member satisfaction; ensures better service for members and lets Directors concentrate on the Business Plan and GROWTH.