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Our services

The basic offer to new clients is as follows:

· We manage the entire member interface by telephone and email. If you currently have face-to-face communications, this can be retained and accommodated.

· Our member forms are all editable which can be returned to us by email.

· We use Open Banking to obviate the need for members to send bank statements.

· We undertake all month-end processes and provide reports for Directors covering New Members; Arrears and action taken for recovery; Loans activity; P&L; Balance Sheet and Trial Balance.

· Our telephone system has an option to get account balances.

· We currently offer the Engage Card but intend on moving to the Change Account.

· We use faster payments for all member payments.

· We have recently introduced a monthly e-newsletter for each of our clients.

· Our clients have adopted the following loan products:

o Key Worker Loans

o Child Benefit Loans

o Homeowner Loans

o Introductory Loans

o Saver Loans

o Transport Loans

o Christmas Loans

Join us

If you would like to know how your credit union can join then email us on admin@cus.coop.